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Letters of recommendation

I am always happy to support students. However, writing good, enthusiastic, and personalized letters requires time and effort (generic letters are useless) and it is hard to be enthusiastic and honest if I don't know you well and/or you did not do well in my courses.


  • Plan in advance. A two-week notice is welcome. In exceptional cases, I can try to deal with emergencies, but only in exceptional cases. Send me a reminder 3 days before the deadline.

  • Provide me with filled-up forms (including my name, address, etc.) and typed-up envelopes when the letters have to be sent by post. If possible, choose internet submission.

  • Provide me with:

    • CV

    • Your grades at HEID and a list of courses you took with me with dates and grades

    • A summary of your thesis (for master students who have completed or are close to completing their thesis)

    • Abstracts of papers (for phd students)

    • A document with a list of qualities, achievements and any other piece of information that you would like me to highlight in the letter (here you should praise yourself as much as you can, but I may not include all what you write).

      • Please send me the supporting material (summary of thesis, abstracts, qualities and achievements) in text format (not pdf).

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